Hors d’oeuvres

Favorite Wines

Okay, you caught me! Not exactly an hors d’oeurve, but still just as important!

No party is complete without the booze! Let’s face it, it helps lighten everyone’s mood. Or even at the end of a long day, a glass of wine seems just fine!311meJs5qoL._SL500_AA300_

White Wine Favorites:

Pino Grigio Absolute Favorite is….. Kris!

Experts say: Enticing aromas of acacia flowers, citrus, tangerine, and hints of apricots and almonds. Kris is lean and refreshing on the palate with hints of blossom and honey.

MSB says: Beautiful to cook with and drink! Not overly sweet like other pinot grigios and well priced! About $13

Chardonnay Absolute Favorite is….. Alamos!

Experts say: The mouthfeel is full and rich, with concentrated ripe pear and fig fruit mingled with vanilla and sweet spice oak flavors. The finish is clean and fresh with bright, crisp acidity.

MSB says: Not overly heavy like most chardonnays! One that everyone can enjoy.. about $12

Red Wine Favorites:

Pinot Noir Absolute Favorite is… Kris! (again!!)

Experts say: Deep ruby red in color with purple hues, KRIS Pinot Noir shows enticing aromas of ripe black berries and red forest fruits, followed by firm yet fine-grained tannins on the palate.

MSB says:  The only red wine I will drink! Yes, again I have chosen a Kris wine. Can’t get enough of their great taste and price! $14