Bliss Body Scrub… Rub-a-dub-dub!


Lemon and sage enhance this simple yet mighty treat. Use this product all over from head to toe to leave your skin velvety-soft.

This is by far one of the most effective body scrubs I have ever used!

(Why, Dunn?) Don’t worry, I’ll tell you why..

Not only does this scrub away at the dead skin on my feet but it also allows for new skin on my elbows, knees and everywhere in-between! What makes this so effective is that you scrub this product into your skin BEFORE you shower! Yes, before! No water included. That is what really helps to clear off the dead skin cells. By scrubbing the grains, you make way for a gentle yet highly effective exfoliation.

(Plus you’ll feel like you’re at the spa while breathing in smells of lemon and sage. Then when you rinse off the scrub, you’re skin will be as smooth as a baby’s… You understand.)

Next time you’re looking for a new exfoliant, give Bliss body scrub a try! This citrus rub is sure to do the trick and won’t leave your skin red and dry.

If you do enjoy your Bliss body scrub, be sure to check out their other products at Pink Dot Beauty Bar! 


Steppin’ Out !


There’s nothing better than a cute pair of shoes, am I right? My problem is that even with the cute shoes, I’m uncomfortable with my feet! No I don’t have an extra toe or something… but my heels are always dry. This leaves a rough crackle in clear view to the world. NOT OKAY.

Luckily, Deborah Lippmann understands my lack of hydration in my feet and has created “Steppin’ Out“.

This nourishing foot cream contains acai and kokum butter, aloe vera and olive oil leaving your feet in a full state of indulgence.

On first application, you’ll delight in smells of sugary sweet beach scenes. This moisturizer feels like you’re rubbing creamy butter all over your feet! (Weird analogy, but absolutely amazing feel). My feet and toes are screaming with joy that they are finally being pampered!

For feet hydration, don’t look any further.

Steppin’ Out by Doborah Lippmann!

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Easy Peeling New Face Effect


This is such a great product and is soo easy to use! The textured bumps on the towelette allows for an easy exfoliation without the typical mess of left over cleansing cream. What’s best is that there’s no rinse! Just massage over your face where needed (or body) and that’s all! This product quickly eliminates dead skin cells, deeply cleanses your pores and leaves your skin smooth and renewed.

Technically, you’re getting 2 types of exfoliation. One from the texture within the towelette and another from the active natural ingredients that help refresh your skin into a baby smooth palette!

I highly recommend this product not only for it’s effectiveness, but also it’s price!

Absolutely love this product and will definitely be buying more… and you can to! Visit  Pink Dot Beauty Bar!!

Self-Tanning Wipes


No more streaks or fake orange tans. Comodynes Urban Cosmetics tanning towelettes are not only easy to use but also economically friendly!



They provide an even, safe and clean tan on both your face and body in just 3 hours! Instead of being orange, this gives you a natural, healthy skin tone. What’s the best part? No side effects, no streaking.

I absolutely love these tanning towelettes and will definitely continue to use them. They are so simple, effective and mess free.

For best results, I always apply lotion before applying the wipes in order to ensure a smooth application.

Special thanks to Pink Dot Beauty Bar in Charleston for introducing me to this product!!

My glow is the most natural and healthy looking sunless tan I have ever had! This is because the towelette’s intensity adapts to the skin type to provide the most natural results.

By far, the absolute BEST tan I have ever had.

Although I don’t have any pictures of my tan, let me say that it is flawless. Just try them and I promise you will never want a spray tan again!

GlamGlow Clearing Treatment

Whoa. So I thought that the youth-mask was great, but this GLAMGLOW Clearing Treatment did wonders. This is specialized to help target back & white heads, blemishes, breakouts, zits, spots… basically you name it and it’s there. What’s best is that you can use this as a full mask OR a spot treatment.

Today I used this as a full mask and within 15 minutes saw a reduction in redness on my acne and fewer black heads across my nose… LOVE IT. What’s also great is that where you have a significant amount of clogged pores, the mask itself will show dots where it is extracting bad oils.

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20130614-150756.jpgBefore… just woke up.

20130614-150805.jpgmud mask… YAY!

20130614-150812.jpgAfter… clearer skin in just 15 minutes.

20130614-151404.jpgFresh face and light make up!

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Pink Dot Beauty Bar has done it again!

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GLAMGLOW is by far the best exfoliant I have ever used and left my skin glamorous & glowing. 😉

“Youth-Mud” as they call it makes is a tingling exfoliant treatment that leaves your skin clean, silky smooth and radiant. It is great for both women AND MEN! I promise that you will see results instantly with this mask. My face was glowing for the next 2-3 days.

Originally designed for backstage use in Hollywood’s entertainment, music, fashion and award industries GLAMGLOW can now give the every day people that celebrity perfection.

This mud helps tighten and shrink your pores leaving a perfectly smooth canvas for your make up and it only takes 10 minutes! I did this 2 hours before a party and was blown away with how soft and bright my skin was.This breakthrough in Teaoxi technology allows for constant time release system of anti-oxidants from green tea leafs.

Who doesn’t want Hollywood perfect skin in 10 minutes or less?

Best part is that there are no acids or enzymes in this product so the tingly sensation you feel is your blood flow! It has combined moisturizers, anti-aging treatments & mud masks all in one.

Don’t be afraid of the dark grey color and odd texture… this mask will do the trick. Once you scoop some out and start applying it, your skin will be crying tears of joy over this new product! It smells great too so you really do feel like you’re getting a spa treatment at home. So go ahead and apply a thin layer and wait about 10 mintes. (Enough time to unload the dishwasher that you’ve been putting off). And then remove the mask with water and rub in circular motions to exfoliate. You can use this twice a week, as suggested, or as often as desired. 🙂

For acne, dark circles and tired skin relief, do yourself a favor a pick up a tub of GLAMGLOW!

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Pictures below aren’t the best but they are great for a laugh!



imgres-3Have you been searching for that perfect glow?

The one that includes bronzer, blush andddd some highlighting?

Your new favorite bronzer then has to be Vincent Longo’s La Riviera Sun Bronzer!

The layers of different shades give a more natural sun-kissed glow compared to your old bronzers. And let’s face it… is your last bronzer one from a drug store that looks harsh on your skin? Mine definitely was until I got a make-over at Pink Dot Beauty Bar in Charleston and was introduced to this new line.

What’s best about this product is that it is light enough that you can control how much bronzer you’d like. I typically find that other bronzers are heavy and I end up wiping some of it off because it looks like a fake tan. This product allows for a soft finish and room for you to build the intensity of color.

Retailing at $32, it will be the best make up purchase you have ever made!

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Susan Posnick COLORFLO


Meet Powdered Foundation… The best invention since ice cream. 

This product is my new favorite!! Who doesn’t want to be able to throw on some foundation again later in the afternoon, or while driving, or when you’re running late for work!

This soft brush allows for easy application with a twist of the bottom and leaves your skin silky smooth.

The mineral foundation is light and leaves an invisible finish… no kidding.

What’s best is that as I’m now running around Charleston -which is nothing but HOT, my blemishes are hidden all day! (Thank The Lord for sweat resistant make-up)

Another great thing… after initially buying the COLORFLO brush at about $64, the refills for the mineral foundation which attach at the bottom are only $32

Forget about having noticeable lines where you didn’t rub in your foundation well and say hello to the travel and on the go friendly foundation brush by Susan Posnick.

Special thanks to the Pink Dot Beauty Bar in Charleston, SC for introducing me to this line!!