Garlic Peeler From The Gods



This is no exaggeration. 

…Okay, maybe slightly. Really though! At home chefs: How many of you press your knife against the garlic clove to break off that outer layer? Oh yes… I’m seeing quite a few hands.

I LOVE GARLIC. If you search “garlic” on my blog, I’m sure you will find several recipes. That’s because I use it for everything. It’s aroma and tang are sure to freshen up any dish.

So the bottom line is that I love garlic, but don’t love peeling it… like at all.

I was in the dark until I took a cooking class at Charleston Cook’s Maverick Kitchen. ! (Which by the way is an excellent place to take classes at or to shop!!) This product is probably the the most basic one I could ever blog about but it has been a life changer. It’s only a tube, but it works magic.

Simple place your garlic clove inside of the tube and apply pressure as your roll the tube back and forth. You will hear little crackle noises which shows that it’s working! Then slide out the garlic and BOOM! There you have it: A perfectly peeled garlic clove ready for you to mince away!!!!

Please do yourself a favor and buy yourself this divine kitchen helper. Did I mention it’s dishwasher safe? 🙂

Buy yours today at any kitchen store or by clicking here!


Instead of using a garlic press or attempting to mince the garlic by hand, simple grate it into a paste and then add to food!