Love is Sometimes Overwhelming

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Love. Everyone wants it, but we all look in the wrong places. Self love is one of the most important things in this world and is something everyone should constantly work on; however, appreciating the love that is already around you is just as important and can make you love yourself even more.

Every year on my birthday, when the cake comes out and my friends/family around me are singing, I start to cry. EVERY TIME! After further pondering this weird habit, I realized that I cry because other people’s love and care for me was hard to take in!  Think about it: a whole room of smiling people who want to be with you on your special day to show how much they care? That’s incredible. It was especially incredible to me on my 10th birthday. Fellow cast members of a musical I was in sang me “Happy Birthday” and all I could do was cry my eyes out. Love is sometimes overwhelming– so much so that it is difficult for me to absorb it… hence the tears. (If you know me well, I can be incredibly emotional). But these tears are tears of appreciation and joy. To know that someone cares for you and shows that through little things like offering to pay for your Starbucks when you are having a rough day, or someone who just sits and listens to your worries- Some of you may never know how appreciative I am of those things and because I keep those feelings bottled up until my birthday…well, Niagara falls appears in my tear ducts.

What I want you to take from this though is that everyone is loved by someone. Somehow, someway, somewhere! And what  us more reserved people need to do is appreciate that love every day so you won’t embarrass yourself year after year as you’re blowing out your candles.


Happy Birthday!


Moms. What on earth would we do without them?

Who was there when you got in a wreck? Or came home late and didn’t tell Dad?

How about the time when she took you out of school early when you were having a bad day?

Or when she sang out in the car with you to Shania Twain??

My mother did all of those things and more. Today is her birthday and I am sadly not able to be with her. She has taught me so much through purposeful lessons and by accident. I can only hope that I live up to be everything she’s put into me and more and that I can someday share that with my future children.

My mom has gone through a lot. Let’s see… oh yeah, she raised me. 

I wasn’t a bad child per say, I was just a super emotional teen. Through my highs and lows, she was right there beside me. When I hurt, she hurt. Now being busy at college and away from her everyday comfort, it’s amazing how much of her time she put into making me happy. She’s still trying to make sure that I am always happy… Somehow she can comfort me and more through just a phone call. That takes talent.

Did I mention that she is beautiful? Inside and out? My mom has struggled with psoriasis for a good while and has had to cover her body for some time… it wasn’t until about two years ago that she found a medicine that worked. Now she’s feeling beautiful from the outside again. What she didn’t know was that during that difficult time where she didn’t feel pretty, she was radiating a deeper beauty than any other woman could ever attain. She pulled deep and didn’t care what others thought. That to me has been the biggest life lesson that she wasn’t even trying to teach.

Anyways, I love her and wish I could be there today to celebrate but I know she’s throwing it down somewhere. 🙂

If you haven’t already today, tell your mothers that you love them… they deserve it.