Snow in Kentucky

As my week of finals dwindles down I realize just how quickly the semester has gone by. It feels like just yesterday I was complaining about how we didn’t have a syllabus week!

 Coffee after coffee and practically an IV of Red Bull (gave me wings) and got me through this week, which reminds me what going home is for. It’s time for a detox. Not just a detox from unhealthy junk foods and caffeine, but a soul detox. Time to breathe deeper and slow down.

 My absolute favorite part about winter is the snow- cliché. But the best part about snow for me is how quiet the outside world suddenly becomes.  A blanket of pure, white snow calms the world and everything is still for once. To be able to stand outside, surrounded by white, and breathe in the crisp winter air is my dream kind of day.

 Don’t forget to get caught up in your favorite book by the fire or watch every Downton Abbey episode you can with hot cocoa. It’s time to spend more time in the kitchen with family- cooking and trying new things. Make those cookies or rum cakes and take them around to friends and family.

Winter is my absolute favorite time of the year. We have so much to be thankful for and it’s easy to get caught up in the whirl of red and green, parties and presents but don’t forget to breathe in the crisp air and the warm smiles of the people around you.

With snow comes an inner and outer peace that is truly irreplaceable.


(And then there are those not so pleasant days with ice…. But that’s a different story.)


Love is Sometimes Overwhelming

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Love. Everyone wants it, but we all look in the wrong places. Self love is one of the most important things in this world and is something everyone should constantly work on; however, appreciating the love that is already around you is just as important and can make you love yourself even more.

Every year on my birthday, when the cake comes out and my friends/family around me are singing, I start to cry. EVERY TIME! After further pondering this weird habit, I realized that I cry because other people’s love and care for me was hard to take in!  Think about it: a whole room of smiling people who want to be with you on your special day to show how much they care? That’s incredible. It was especially incredible to me on my 10th birthday. Fellow cast members of a musical I was in sang me “Happy Birthday” and all I could do was cry my eyes out. Love is sometimes overwhelming– so much so that it is difficult for me to absorb it… hence the tears. (If you know me well, I can be incredibly emotional). But these tears are tears of appreciation and joy. To know that someone cares for you and shows that through little things like offering to pay for your Starbucks when you are having a rough day, or someone who just sits and listens to your worries- Some of you may never know how appreciative I am of those things and because I keep those feelings bottled up until my birthday…well, Niagara falls appears in my tear ducts.

What I want you to take from this though is that everyone is loved by someone. Somehow, someway, somewhere! And what  us more reserved people need to do is appreciate that love every day so you won’t embarrass yourself year after year as you’re blowing out your candles.