Starting a Supper Club

Supper Clubs are a great way to meet new people and reconnect with old friends.  Many have talked about starting one but don’t know where to begin! Here are some tips on how to get started!!!

1. Who to Invite:

You don’t want to have a massive throw down so let’s keep the guests to 8-10 max. What I think can be fun is for the hostess to invite 4 or 5 and ask them to bring a friend or date! That way new people are constantly meeting!

2. Set a Date:

Check with people’s schedules and see when works best for others. I’m planning on having one of the first Sunday evening of every month.

3.  Decide who brings what:

Appetizer, Entre, dessert. I’d say BYOB. (Wine that is). You can put 2 people on appetizers, 2 on entres, 2 on dessert and others can bring supplies such as napkins, plates, utensils if you are deciding to make your clean up MUCH easier.

4.  Budget:

Typically I would tell people not to go crazy. There are many food items you can make for a group of 8-10 for under $15. However, if someone wants to splurge… I’m not opposed!

5. Themes:

Keep it interesting! You could have indoor picnic nights, wine and cheese nights, passport nights… these themes can also effect the dress code for the evening and music!! I.E. costumes & playlists

6. Tablescape:

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on flowers, but a little effort doesn’t hurt! Get some baby’s breath and cut them to place in a short glass. Candles are also another great way to set the mood without going overboard on price. (I know y’all have candles at home.) Tablecloths are optional as is putting out all the china! Remember how great an easy clean up sounds.

7. Menu:

Print out the menu and say what item is! Encourage guests to try everything. It is a fun way to break the ice by trying new things together. Also include who provided the dish!

Hopefully this will encourage you to start a supper club or at least get some friends over for dinner! It doesn’t have to be fancy… it’s not the last supper-just a nice relaxed evening with friends.


86 Degrees… INSIDE!


Currently, it is 86 degrees on the 2nd and 3rd floors of my house. AKA everyone is dying. The air conditioning went out yesterday at some point while everyone was at work. Unfortunately, the guy couldn’t make it out to “fix” it until today. Last night was Le Miserables part 2. I had windows open, 2 fans going and even wet towels on my body. Nothing was working. #thestruggleisreal

Sooo the fix it man arrived late in the afternoon today and was not happy to be there. (Assuming he was supposed to have been off work at 5). He tore apart the upstairs bathroom ceiling to leave because he couldn’t fix it. He will apparently be back on Saturday morning(ish) with a new motor which will prevent this from happening.

Charleston-2 Roommates-0

In an attempt to stay cool, everyone has moved downstairs. It is a beautiful 71 degrees down here. Blow up mattresses have taken over our empty dining room and I am on the couch trying to get some sleep.. clearly it’s going well. But in a funny way, we are having a sleepover. Well hope all of you readers are enjoying yourselves from a nice air conditioned place… if we’re close, invite me to a sleepover. (ppllleeeaaaaassseeeeee).

Or maybe I should put out an application..

Seeking COLD place to stay.

Fresh Scents

imgres-4Not only do we, as girls, love to smell good… but we love our home to smell good too!

Instead of going out and buying more and more air fresheners for $10 or more, use things that can be found in your kitchen!

Lemon, Rosemary & Vanilla

These are all very soft scents which most of us have in our kitchen.

Lemons… check

Rosemary… check

Vanilla extract… check

Add 2/3 water to a pan, add your sliced up lemons, throw in sprigs of rosemary and add 2 tsps of vanilla!

This warm citrusy scent can simmer all day on low heat, just remember to add water!