Ole Miss beats LSU

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Remember that one time when Ole Miss beat LSU?

Actually.. I don’t! This weekend was by far one of the best weekends in Oxford I have ever had. My two best friends that go to the University of Kentucky were in town and my other friend had boys from LSU in town! Turns out, this group was made for each other. Friday night was an absolute blast. We went to the square and payed those $15 bar covers and probably spent too much money but I had so much fun meeting new people. Turns out that LSU fans really don’t smell like corn dogs and that they are actually just here to have a good time! Though their kind of a good time was a little bit more rowdy than I usually get, I was able to keep up.

Is that your cooler? Haha… nope. Upon still being awake come 4 AM we decided it would be a good idea to leave some tiger markings around the neighborhood. In fact, we so kindly repainted someone’s cooler for them with some LSU sayings. (oopsie)

Now about that game.. did I watch the game? Yes! Did I watch the entire game? Not exactly.. Upon getting 5 hours of sleep, groving and then walking the 4 mile walk home, I was exhausted. So even though I fought to keep my eyelids open on the couch at home, I began to snore! Soon after a good 40 minutes elapsed I was woken up by, “WE BEAT LSU!!!!!” With a jolt, I woke up but didn’t believe my roommate. I kinda laughed it off and was like yeah okay. To my surprise, Ole Miss had done exactly that. Even with a ton of injured players, we had won.

Soooo after that there were many more celebrations, another late night and more random people crashing at my house but I will never forget this weekend for as long as I live. Though football creates rivals I met so many LSU fans that were kind and truly appreciative of our hospitality. So much so that they offered for us to visit them sometime in hopes that they could return the favor! So love your football team but don’t let rivalry put walls between you and fans of the opposing team..you’d be surprised to find that they aren’t as bad as you think! (unless they’re Bama).



SEC Tailgating


Hotty Toddy Y’all!! What a great way to kick off this school year with TWO wins! 

Though the grove was nothing but HOT this weekend, I was still happy to be at a home game. There is nothing quite like Oxford on game day!

Early Friday morning, the grove gets sprinkled with little red and blue trashcans.. it’s basically like christmas! And the excitement of holding your spot in the grove all afternoon and watching those poor boys run with tents all makes it worth the while. For on game day, while decked out to the nines in nothing less than designer apparel, the chandeliers are hung, everyone wears their smile and the smell of southern food lingers. There is nothing better than an SEC school on game day.

Looking forward to many more SEC games and watching the rebels play hard!

The Walk of Champions at University of Mississ...

The Walk of Champions at University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)