Valentine Party… Success!


The “Anti-Valentine” Party was quickly transformed to a true Valentine celebration when I noticed just how much I love pink. Here are a few snaps of the party and my girls! I’ve also included my “secret” Love Bug Punch recipe.

Love Bug Punch

(serves… a lot)

2 Bottles of Champagne

2 Bottles of White Wine

1 Can of Frozen Lemonade

1 Can of Frozen Limeade

1 Can of Strawberry Daiquiri

Rasberries for yumminess and aesthetics!

Here are the few pictures of the decor that I snapped!


DIY Glitter Bottles and Polka-Dot Champagne Glasses (which later tumbled)


Lights and all in action!


Roomie Pic!


I highly recommend throwing at least one valentine party in your life. It is a fabulous celebration of pink and friends!


Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

Happy Single Awareness Day!

Valentine’s Day is… great. Sometimes. However, when you are single and have no man to sweep you off your feet with a dozen red roses and chocolates, it’s a great excuse for a party!

This year, my roommates and I are hosting our first ever Anti-Valentine’s Day Party. This isn’t going to be some depressing event though where we sit around and eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s while watching The Notebook. No way. This party is going to be legen…. (wait for it)… dary! -I’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother again.


Of course full out obnoxious PINK! I’m talking over the top, all the shades of pink and red you can get your hands on. Maybe even a nice bobble heart handband.

What To Do:

 Gather your best friends, make a tasteful, yet strong, party punch and turn up the music. We have asked guests to bring their favorite valentine treat. For a twist though, make cupcakes with black icing instead of pink!


I’ve been cutting out paper hearts for DAYS. Black, red and pink hearts will create a nice swooping banner for across room. Then I’ve bought way too many rolls of streamers in red and pink. I want the house to be as pink as it can be. After all, just because we are single doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate each other!


Okay, so this may or may not be from the movie Valentine’s Day, but we are totally getting a PINATA! My only hope is that we do this before we start drinking. Anyways, fill up your pinata with fun retro candy or big wax lips!

Here are a few things from Party City that I’m thinking about getting to help get everyone in the “anti”-valentine mood!

heart.sunglassesWho doesn’t love heart-shaped sunglasses?!


And these funny cupcakes as a sweet treat!!


^^Basically… your house should look like this. ^^

(Minus that engagement photo. Boys… YUCK!)



Pink Dot Beauty Bar has done it again!

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Pictures below aren’t the best but they are great for a laugh!