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Facebook Deactivated

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Everyone talks about deactivating their facebook like it’s the new hip thing to do but no one actually does it. I’ve mauled it over and over again in my head about how nice it would be to not have facebook, or any kind of social media, constantly buzzing at me or making me feel inadequate but never decided to do something about it until tonight. My facebook account has been officially “deactivated”.

Lately I have found myself struggling to stay off the addicting site when I know I should be focusing more on academics or MY OWN LIFE. This and other things led me to finally jump off the cliff and become “unplugged”. (temporarily, that is.) On facebook we so often obsess over other people and their lives. Some of us are even jealous of other’s awesome photos! Let’s be honest though.. it takes ONE person with a picture in Europe to make you feel like your life is crap. I’m here to tell you that you’re life isn’t crap and that the people you are jealous of have off days too!! Not everyone’s life is perfect, but facebook has allowed us to edit things down to the t of who can see what photos and posts of you. Sooo in reality, even though you totally had closed eyes in that one picture or had spilled a drink on your shirt, NO ONE HAS TO KNOW! After all, your life on facebook can be as “perfect” as you want it to be. But this isn’t right. Our generation isn’t living life in the now and certainly aren’t making the kind of connections people used to. My whole world is on facebook. Even my parents and grandparents are on facebook, but that doesn’t mean it has to be my world.

So I’ve started tonight to see how I can improve relationships, myself and my overall happiness without facebook. If you’re daring enough, you should try it too.